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  • The Tulsi plant is found in almost houses in India.
  • Each part of the Tulsi plant is useful & beneficial.
  • Tulsi means chaste, pure, divine, auspicious, superior, favourite of Lord Vishnu, and on a par with goddess Lakshmi.
  • From its stem, the beads are shaped to create Tulsi Mala that is quite popular for various purposes, such as chanting, wearing, and worshipping.
  • Similar to the Tulsi plant, Tulsi Mala is a personification of auspiciousness & positivity which it confers to the wearer.
  • Many scriptures/Puranas sing the glory of Tulsi. It is said that fortunate people happened to wear a Tulsi Mala.
  • Together with its religious significance, Tulsi is popular for its medicinal benefits; it is also used in many medicines to treat different diseases and boost immunity. In many countries, basil is an essential spice or food ingredient as well.
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