Yearly Prediction for Taurus


This year, Saturn would remain in Aquarius Sign Tenth House and Rahu in Pisces Sign Eleventh House. In the beginning of the year Jupiter would be in Aries Sign Twelfth House and on May 01, it would transit Taurus Sign Ascendant. Mars would have its transit with its normal motion. Venus would remain combust from April 29 to June 28.

Work, Profession

Beginning of the year would produce effects of ups and downs nature as far as business point of view is concerned. In the beginning of the year, transitory effect of Jupiter in Twelfth House would create gains yielding external or foreign relations. You shall have to put ceaseless efforts for attaining success in your business. People in their jobs would bag reverence at their work place. After April, time period is taking a turn towards positively. Since Jupiter and Saturn would have combined aspectual effect on Seventh House, so this is an indication for bagging a handsome yield from your business. You would be recipient of full cooperation from high officials and senior persons. Jupiter in Ascendant is sending signals for novel opportunities in business.

Wealth, Property

This year would be auspicious for economic perspective Rahu in Eleventh House would remain a source of sudden gains. Which because an incessant flow of income for you. You could get rid of old prolonged debts and other liabilities. After April time period would be highly auspicious. At that time you would have your all-round progress. Stability in the field of profession would prove to be a boon for you and no obstacle/hindrance would stand in way of your efforts for developing a strong economic status. This period is quite favorable for making investment. If you invest in some profession/venture at this time, you would have desired gains.

Family & Society

In the beginning of the year because of combined aspect of Jupiter and Saturn on Fourth House, a harmonious environment continues to persist in your family. Mutual cooperation and emotional attachment would prevail in your family. After April, time period would turn more favorable. Auspicious ceremonies or marriage of your son would be solemnized in your family. You would play a pivotal role for this purpose. As Jupiter and Saturn, both have aspectual effect on Seventh House, so you would enjoy melodious relation with your spouse.


Beginning of the year would have moderate results for children. In the beginning of the year Jupiter being in Twelfth House could create some anxieties and worries about the children. But after April, as Jupiter would transit Ascendant, so time period would become quite favorable. Your children would proceed further by dint of their hard work and attain great success in domain of their education. They would be admitted in a topmost educational institution. You would feel proud of your children. Auspicious time is running for newly wedded females for impregnation/conceiving. Time period is providential for your second child. If he/she is running in marriageable age, his/her marriage ceremony could be celebrated.


This year would bear average sized fruits for health perspective. Jupiter in Twelfth House could cause ups and downs for your health. Diabetes should strictly observe a regimen. You might suffer from stomach related problems as Jupiter is posited in fiery sign. But after April, Jupiter would transit Ascendant, which indicates a beginning of reformation and improvement of your health, occupations of the day and discipline in food habits.

Career & Competition

This year would bear sweet fruits for competitive examinations. One would get distinctive success in the beginning of the year but after transit of Jupiter, the time period would become completely favorable. Your performance would be better in domain of your education. You would be able to acquire higher education. Success in competitive examination is imminent. You would bag cooperation of experienced persons. There are probabilities for unemployed people to get employment.

Travel & Transfer

Beginning of the year is auspicious for journey perspective.Jupiter in Twelfth House gives strong indications for a foreign journey. After April, aspect of Jupiter on Ninth House reflects auspicious signs for a pilgrimage. Overall this year would prove to be auspicious for short, long and all forms of journeys. These journeys would be fortune enriching ones for the natives.

Religious Deeds & Propitiation of Planets

Beginning of the year would be auspicious for religious deeds. In the beginning of the year, aspect of Saturn on Jupiter in Twelfth House strongly indicates that you would carry out more donations and charities such as offering food to the poor, donations to baggers, feasts given to mendicants at religious places etc. It would become your specific trait. After April, Jupiter would transit Ascendant. At that time Jupiter would have its aspectual effects on Fifth and Ninth House which ensures enhancement of your spiritual knowledge. This would cause your involvement in worships and meditations without any selfish motions. You would obey your religious preceptors and follow their preaching. 1. Seek blessings of parents, hermits, monks, religious preaches and your elders. 2. Donate Banana or Laddus of Besan at a temple or religious place in charity. 3. Offer water to sun every day.

Common Feature of Taurus

General Characteristics Taurus

The Taurus Ascendant is ruled by planet Venus. People born with a Taurus Ascendant/Zodiac Sign have a very stable personality. However, this might sound rude- but they are really stubborn beings! They can be very rigid in their opinions and it is really an uphill task to convince them for something that they disagree with.

They at times prefer being over relaxed or lazy. They are moody people who generally have fluctuating relationships with their younger siblings. They are very good at bringing money in and have a profound sense of finances. They often have feisty & combative life partners and have a rocky relationship with them.

They come across very supportive and valuable teachers in their lives and through hard work they do exceptionally well in schools or higher education. It must be noted that they can be at times an enemy to themselves because of their rigid nature. Sometimes they get so deeply involved in their goals that they become totally oblivious to their surroundings and loose social connections.

They are very good listeners and are courteous to others. They have a love of nature and appreciate beauty. They feel totally in sync with flowers, mountains and landscapes. They make it a point in their lives to look good and are peculiar about their hygiene. They are easily inclined towards literature, art and music.

Naturally Benefic Planets for Taurus

Venus, Mercury and Saturn are the greatest benefics for Taurus.

Gemstone for Taurus

When a person wears a particular Gemstone, then the energy of the planet that the Gemstone is associated with, starts to flow in the life of that person. Hence, a person is recommended to wear the Gemstone that is associated with a planet that is conducive to him/her. Taurus born people should wear “Diamond” which is associated with planet Venus.

Yantra for Taurus

A Yantra is an instrument which represents the Celestial form of a specific Deity. It has the ability to attract highly positive & powerful cosmic energies that are attached to that particular Deity. A Yantra brings immense benefits in the life of a person who worships it with a devout heart.

People with Taurus Ascendant/Zodiac Sign must bring home the “Sri Yantra” and worship it regularly to get the prosperous blessings of Goddess Lalita Tripur Sundari.

Lucky Numbers for Taurus

Numbers 5, 6 and 8 are considered as lucky for a Taurus born.

Auspicious Day for Taurus

Friday is considered as auspicious for a Taurus born to take important decisions in life.

Suitable Profession Taurus

People with Taurus as their Ascendant/Zodiac Sign are best suited for professions like Fashion Designing, Antiques, Jewellery Design, Photography, Acting, Modelling and Theatre.

Friendly Sign Taurus

Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Capricorn, Aquarius

Element Taurus

Out of the five primordial elements, the Earth element is associated with the sign of Taurus and hence people having Taurus as their Ascendant/Zodiac Sign are calm and have earthy qualities like tolerance & patience.

Related Chakra Taurus

The Chakra or Energy Centre in the body that houses the characteristics of Taurus is Anahat.