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  • 5 Mukhi Rudraksha is blessed by Lord Shiva himself in the form of Kalagni Rudra. It is also known as Kaaligni Rudra.
  • 5 forms of Lord Shiva are present in this Five Mukhi  Rudraksha namely Sadyjat, Ishaan, Tatpurush, Aghor, and Vamdeva.
  • In Padma Puran, it is said that wearing 5 Mukhi Rudraksha is most important for all as it is blessed by Vaamdev (Shiva). The wearer is honored by the Gods themselves for a long period.
  • 5 Mukhi Rudraksha is like Devguru (Guru of the Devas) as it is controlled by the planet Vrihaspati (Jupiter).
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