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  • Shivling  (Lingam) is considered the most important Hindu deity and Hindu devotees worship it as the potential of God.
  • There is a strong belief that except for Parad and Narmedshwar, no Shilving should be kept and worshiped at home.
  • The Parad Shivling as called Rasalingam plays a pivotal role in Lord Shiva’s worship because it is made by Shiva Dhatu (Mercury) which is considered as the male form (Shiva) and the sulfur used for completing the process is considered the female (Shakti) form.
  • It is mentioned in RasChintmani, that aperson can get the benefits of Shiva Puja even by touching Mercury Shiva Linga.
  • Mercury Shiva Linga is so a purified form of lingam that it can free a human being from all kinds of disease if one worships it with all heart.
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