Basic Horoscope Consultation

We are offering services of Basic & Calculative Horoscope to help you with your plannings.

Our need to have the impending days planned stems from the planner inside us. As soon as we have a minute to breathe, we start planning and overthinking, it can be about the most mundane of things or maybe about the stars and the planets as mentioned by Galileo. The key focus still remains on how we like to know about our future beforehand. A Horoscope or a Janam Kundli Report solves our purpose and creates a blueprint for us to reflect upon; A Kundali or Kundli is like a mirror of our personality and traits. It depicts the celestial placements at the time of our birth in the sky, which translates to the placement of all the planets in the universe, at the time of our birth, which later upon a detailed study by Pandit Ji becomes a Janam Kundali or Kundli. Ram Ram Pandit Ji has come up with its prime Kundali Reports to maximise your benefits!

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